Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gramma and Pop Pop

This year we convinced my parents to spend Christmas with us.  My sister and I agreed that Christmas just hasn't been quite the same since they moved to Florida so we plotted together along with my daughter (Pleeeeaaaasssseee Gramma, please come because I miss you).  It was a really wonderful Christmas this year, even with some of the stresses that the holiday season inevitably brings.

I have had some downtime and have spent a lot of time just reflecting on things.  After the recent funeral I attended, where I watched a family say goodbye to their father, I was so struck at how blessed I am to have my parents in my life.  The truth is, this man was only 5 years older than my own father.  I look at my parents as invincible sometimes, able to do anything.  Yes, they may have slowed down a bit . . .but just a bit.  I still see my mom as energetic, able to conquer the world.  She's someone you just don't mess with and you don't stand in her way when she has made up her mind.  Anyone who knows my mom well is laughing and nodding their heads right now.  And my dad, well, he's always been my hero.  Quiet, gentle strength is how I would describe him -- always dependable.

I am lucky.  I am blessed.  And my children are blessed as well because they are amazing grandparents.

Savannah and Gramma have an incredible bond.  I've learned now that the way to get Savannah to do just about anything is through Gramma.  Me:  "Savannah, isn't this dress pretty?"  Savannah:  "Eww Mom, you can't seriously think I'd wear that!"  Mom with same dress:  "I like this dress.  Savannah how bout this one?"  Savannah:  "Oh Gramma, that's the prettiest dress I've ever seen!!"  Yeah, It's pretty much like that with everything.

During our vacation I had gone out to run errands and Noah was home with my dad.  I am kicking myself now for not getting pictures of the scene I came home to.  The house was so quiet I didn't think anyone was home.  As I walked up the stairs I saw Noah and "Pop Pop" both sprawled out on the floor chatting and putting together legos.  I can't explain the warmth in my heart at that moment and how it blessed me completely.  However, Dad, I still blame you to this day for all the sticks and rocks Noah comes home with.  Dad had told Noah to "go play with a stick and a rock" when he was little.  He is still absolutely obsessed with sticks and rocks.

So Mom and Dad, thank you.  Thank you for giving my kids this gift.

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