Thursday, January 12, 2012


It finally happened.  We have the first real snow of the year, which is pretty amazing since we're already into January.  Noah and I are all cozy inside with the fireplace going.  He just got in from shoveling snow and, being a good mom, I of course greeted him with a big cup of hot chocolate complete with marshmallows.  Looks like we'll be going skiing after all.

So I'm thinking . . .

Am I the only one on the planet who really despises snow?  I'm reading all of the facebook posts about how everyone is so happy to see the snow.  I've been dreading it.  I mean REALLY dreading it.  Now it's here.  It's cold, snow is blowing sideways, and the world looks to me like a coloring page that hasn't been colored in--all dead and dreary.  PLEASE someone show me the beauty in all of this.  I'm trying to not be a complete poop about the whole thing, but this really isn't my time of year.  I would prefer to hibernate until the first thaw, like a grouchy old bear.  Maybe I equate winter with being sick, and cold, and tired.  All I know is that the lack of sunshine really messes with me and makes me sad and grumpy.

Remember this?  How on earth is this beautiful??

My kids have been counting down the days until we go skiing.  I guess I was secretly hoping that the snow wouldn't come and we would go directly to the water park.  I, on the other hand, am counting down the days until we leave for Florida (30 days) and I can sit under a palm tree and watch the geckos run.  I'm looking forward to hearing the ocean waves, feel the salty spray on my face, and feel the hot sand under my toes.  I'll settle with just seeing the sunshine and any color other than grey.

So seriously, am I the only one who hates winter?  Are there any others like me out there??

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  1. You are not alone! I HATE winter!!! I HATE snow. To be honest, I hated it less when we live in Chicagoland, than I did when we lived in the Sierras here in CA! At least in ChiTown, they know how and when to use a snowplow! We routinely got snowed in for days when we lived in Grass Valley, CA and last year I swore it would be my last. I kind of miss Chicago. I definitely miss the museums! But I will probably make you jealous that it has been beautiful here in Sonoma County, CA. It was 27 degrees this morning and is 67 now. Really. I don't love the 27 so much but the 67 sure is nice.
    I hope you don't have many snow issues. Enjoy your day and pray for Spring!