Thursday, February 9, 2012

No More Wheat

I thought I would give the whole Gluten Free Living thing a try.  I already have problems with dairy and I've been feeling yucky so for the past week and a half I've given up wheat . . . not super diligently but still I've eliminated all flour and bread.  And I started to feel a bit better.  Yesterday I was kind of tired of the restrictions and had some chicken nuggets.  Today I just don't feel right and I feel like my head is in a fog. (sigh)  I really REALLY don't want to have to give up anything else.  I love with a capital "L" bread and pasta.  Plus, I really don't want to have to give up anything else.

Today we checked out a store in our area that specializes in gluten free bakery stuff.  Noah had a sample of one of their brownies and asked if I would buy him one, which surprised me a bit because I figured that I would have to suffer eating breads that taste like cardboard from now on.

So I'm very open to any recipes or tips if you have any on how to make this new journey a bit more tolerable.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's been going on with me

Haven't posted in a while.  I'm not sure why . . .

I've been feeling a bit yucky.  I think I might have had a bug.  But just in case I didn't, I thought I would try going gluten free for a while.  This has been a looooong week.  I don't think I've been completely 100% gluten free but I've tried to be bread, wheat, oat, rye and barley free.  I've eaten tons of rice.  And lettuce.  And I'm not really a salad kinda girl.  I'm the girl that eats the whole loaf of bread that the waiter brings out to the table before the dinner. (sigh).  I've done lots of fruit smoothies, which is slightly challenging since I'm also dairy free as well.  It's been a week and I really don't notice anything major in my stomach that tells me I should continue this torture.  However, I've had the chance to try out some great new recipes.  This one for  potato soup for example was amazing.  I doctored it up just a bit with some chicken broth, sauteed onions, spices and ham.  Even Noah loved it (with a little cheese added to it).  I would absolutely recommend it to anyone, even those who don't have restrictions within their diets.

I finished a few skirts to bring into Lil Surprises in Frankfort too.  Here's a little peek:

I love the fabric prints for these.  They're Valentine's day, but not completely, and can be worn during the spring as well.  I have to admit though that it was really hard to try to keep them simple and not embellish more. Time to start thinking of Easter and Spring . . .

Finally, we are busy planning our annual trip to Florida, and we are all counting down the days.  This year the kids and I will be spending three whole sun soaked weeks at my parents' house.  I am loving the fact that Noah is homeschooled and I can bring his classroom anywhere.  I'm not sure Savannah's teachers are all that thrilled though since she'll be missing three weeks of school, but I plan on working with her as well.  Just outside under a palm tree (big grin).  Vitamin D has to help brain cells, right??

We are really looking forward to spending some time with Savannah's birthdad and his family as well.  We are very blessed that we get a chance to visit each year with them.  Oh yeah, we plan to try to see Winter, from A Dolphin's Tale too!  The kids and I have watched this movie a few times now . . . I haven't told them that we're going to try to go there just in case.

Since Savannah will be in Florida for Valentine's Day, we decided to make up some treat boxes for her classmates.  This is the second year that we've made these.  I am ever so grateful to Patty Young of Modkid Boutique for posting the tutorial and pattern for them.  It's just a little bit of work, but oh so worth it!  Savannah and I had a great time working on this project together and an even better time filling them with candy (and eating some too).  

Hope everyone has been enjoying the great weather we've had the past few days!!